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APPOINTMENTS  and Scheduling

Scheduling appointments at Damas Orthodoontics

At Damas Orthodontics, we make every attempt to remain on schedule and we realize how important your time is during your daily activities. We will work with you to schedule appointments around your work or school schedule as much as possible.

Successful orthodontics requires a series of scheduled appointments throughout treatment. The patient is advised of the approximate appointment time when they schedule their appointment.

One problem we sometimes have is that our patients are late for various reasons. When this happens, we cannot, in fairness to everyone else, squeeze late patients into the schedule. While every attempt will be made to reschedule late patients or those who have missed their appointment as soon as possible, our schedule is typically full several weeks in advance and a lengthy wait is often unavoidable. Every effort should be made to keep the original appointment and be on time.

We will reschedule the appointment and keep you or your child on track with our treatment plan.

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